Ideagency Brescia & Lollipop Think Tank London

Your personal Industry 4.0, Internationalization and Strategic Business Development, Partner and Coach

Are you happy about your revenue levels?


Are you happy about the level of your profit margins?


Are you satisfied about the way your Company and or Brand image is presented by your agents or channel partners?


Are you satisfied about the quality of your customers or clients?



If you are not happy about the results in any of these areas, then this new service can help you resolve the issues.

Starting September 2015, Ideagency in collaboration with Lollipop Think Tank of London, offers its clients new high level services of Industry 4.0 - Internationalization and Strategic Business Development

To Internationalize and sell well products and a service in international markets is admittedly not easy, however there is a precise methodology to be able to securely confront the challenge: and with this we can help.

Our areas of major market influence and experience

Europe: Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Finland
North America: U.S.A. e Canada
Middle East: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bahrain and Iran
Asia: China (PRC) and India


George Bonatsos
Strategic Business
Development Internationalization

Via della Volta, 84/D, 25124 Brescia BS, Italy
+39 030 216 0000

9 Seagrave Road, Hammersmith London, SW6 1RP United Kingdom
Office: +44 (0) 20 7193 8291
Mobile: +39 349 445 4586
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